UPDATE: Corey was killed by the United States tonight. As an outside observer, the haste with which his case was rammed through was not, to me, a symptom of a broken justice system - it was indicative of an oppressive, racist justice system wielding the violence and cruelty that have been part of its nature and mission statement since it was founded. This nation creates and then criminalizes poverty, and focuses on punishment over rehabilitation.

I can't speak on behalf of any campaign, as I'm just a random Twitter user who wanted to put some links together. That being said, I recommend continuing to pay attention and speak up against the death penalty. It is still legal in 28 states, including California, Oregon, and Pennsylvania, where it is not currently being practiced but has not been abolished. If you can and are willing, I recommend researching your state's death penalty status and seeing what efforts there are to abolish the death penalty in your state. Write your state legislators and ask them to cosponsor any existing bills to end the death penalty in your state. (I'll include a thread on this below). The death penalty is dangerous and cruel, and it should be abolished.

And thank you to everyone who took action to try to help Corey Johnson. In this case, the Department of Justice succeeded in executing him, but that doesn't mean it's not worth it to speak up and take actions. Raising awareness of death penalty cases and creating public pressure around them can both help prevent individual executions and educate people on why the systems that uphold this should be abolished.

Act for Dustin Higgs

Dustin Higgs' execution is scheduled for tomorrow, despite the fact that he has a wealth of evidence showing he is innocent. It appears that, like Corey's and Lisa's cases, his will likely be ultimately decided by the Supreme Court. It still remains useful to create public pressure and call on the White House to intervene and the Department of Justice to drop its pursuit of an execution. Below are resources you can use to speak up about Dustin:

Abolish The Death Penalty

This thread contains a lot of information on how to get involved in pressuring your legislators to stop the death penalty on the state level. It is absolutely worth a read.

You can also call and email your congressional representative and senators and ask them to support the Federal Death Penalty Prohibition Act of 2021.

The carrd linked above ( has various links to the campaigns of people facing unjust execution. Carrd credit to @BIGHITTED on Twitter.

Looking for a Fund

I have not been able to find a fund for Corey Johnson's family. Please DM me on Twitter @Unoriginal_Sins and if you'll find one and I'll link it.

Corey's Case

I want to leave these pieces on Corey's execution up, as well as his final statement, because I think it is important to remember the details of this case. Trigger warning for death in regards to his final statement - please, do not read it if you aren't in an emotional space to feel safe doing so.

Note: I am not involved with the official campaigns of any of the people mentioned here, and will gladly add, change, or take down info on request. You can reach out at @Unoriginal_Sins on Twitter and @suchweirdnoise on Instagram.

I've edited this carrd heavily since Corey's death, but I previously was maintaining an identical site at, so if there are any resources formerly linked here that you're looking for, they are likely at that version of the site.

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